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Life can get messy...

Citizens Mediation Service Can Help!


Welcome to Citizens Mediation Service (CMS), your low-cost/no cost conflict resolution center serving southwest Michigan. Are you getting a divorce? Having trouble with your landlord or tenant? Does someone owe you money or have they damaged your property? All of these situations are appropriate for mediation. Just one phone call (888-779-1386) will start the scheduling process.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where two or more people involved in a dispute meet with a neutral mediator to try to find a solution to a problem. The mediator is not acting as an attorney and cannot give legal advice. The mediator does not decide who is right or wrong or impose a solution s/he chooses. Your mediator will lead you through a conversation intended to help you and the other party develop an agreement that will work for both of you. An agreement signed in mediation is considered a legal contract.