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You decide what the best solution to the problem is, not someone else. You are in control and can participate in reaching an agreement you can live with.

Thousands of cases have been successfully mediated at CMS since 1992. Mediation produces a “win/win” scenario rather than the “win/lose” scenario that is often the result of litigation. The goal of mediation is to have all parties arrive at a mutually agreeable solution to the problem.

Citizens Mediation Service publishes a fee schedule approved by its Board of Directors. If you receive public assistance of any kind, mediation fees are waived. CMS is part of a statewide network of non-profit organizations providing free or low-cost mediation and dispute resolution services on a wide variety of dispute types.

Most mediation sessions are scheduled within a month and usually last no longer than two hours.

About 70% of meditations end in an agreement. In fact, the chance of settling a dispute to both parties’ satisfaction is much higher in mediation than in court.

All information shared in mediation is confidential and treated with the utmost respect, no matter the situation. All discussions in mediation are confidential and cannot be used in any further litigation in court.