Child Protection

Child Protection Mediation is a pilot program in Berrien County only.

The newest type of mediation done by CMS is Child Protection Mediation (CPM). These cases are always selectively referred by the court in cases of child abuse or neglect. The goals of CPM are to assure the child(ren) are placed in a safe environment, to help parents plan toward a successful reunification of their family, and/or to assist in preparing families for the termination of parental rights if no other safe option is available.

Trained mediators work with judges, families, law enforcement, and human service agencies to help children who are victims of neglect or abuse. Mediation can occur at any point in the court process from assisting to develop a family service plan to parental rights termination planning. The program was designed by a CPM Community Task Force led by Judge Brian Berger with membership from Health and Human Services, the Prosecutor’s office, human services agencies, educators, lawyers, foster parents, and CMS.

Fee Schedule:

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Other Fee Information:
– The CMS Board of Directors reserves the right to change fees at any time.
– The Executive Director reserves the right to adjust fees under special circumstances. Any such change will be documented in the CMS data base as well as the case file.

Effective March 20, 2018