Housing laws in Michigan can be quite complex.

Some judges prefer to send Landlord/Tenant issues to mediation for resolution, giving the parties more time to explore the details of the case and more latitude to generate acceptable options for either party. A Practical Guide for Landlords & Tenants, published by the Michigan State University College of Law Housing Law Clinic and last revised in late 2017, is available on the Internet and should be consulted before filing a complaint or agreeing to any settlement.

Fee Schedule:
Landlord/Tenant Disputes: $75 each party
No Show/Less than 48 hour cancellation: $100

Fee Waivers:
The following individuals are eligible for full fee waivers for mediation services: 1) those who receive public assistance for housing, food stamps, or Medicaid; 2) those whose only source of income is Veteran’s Benefits or Social Security; 3) those whose income is less than 125% of federal poverty guidelines. Proof of income is required for fee waivers. For all others, the listed fee schedule applies. Payment plans are available for up to three months.

Other Fee Information:
– The CMS Board of Directors reserves the right to change fees at any time.
– Individuals who fall below the minimum income guidelines will have all fees waived. Proof of income is required. For all others, payment in full expected at the time of mediation. Payment plans for up to three months are available, if needed.
– The Executive Director reserves the right to adjust fees under special circumstances. Any such change will be documented in the CMS data base as well as the case file.

Effective March 20, 2018