(Available only in Berrien County)

This new mediation program provides a safe, economical forum for resolving ongoing conflicts between neighbors. It is designed for any dispute that is not governed by zoning or city codes. The price is only $25 for up to two hours with a trained, neutral mediator who will guide you through a conversation aimed at finding a solution that both neighbors can live with and abide by.

Typical cases include:

Noise | Pets | Fences | Trees | Parking | Other Neighborhood Nuisances

Mediations are voluntary and confidential. Both parties must agree to the mediation or it cannot take place. CMS will contact the other party, listen to their side of the story, and encourage them to participate. Very few people turn down mediation when they realize it may be the only way to resolve an issue without going to court. The possibility of relief from a very stressful situation can be a strong motivator.
Signatures on a collaboratively developed agreement document constitute a legal contract. Parties can reach agreement on all issues, some issues, or no issues. No one is ever pressured to sign an agreement they are uncomfortable with. The agreement also contains language that permits this signed document to be used in court if either party violates the terms of the agreement.