Parenting Time Program

(Available only in Cass County – Free to non-custodial parents)

In Cass County, any non-custodial parent may file a parenting-time complaint with the Friend of the Court office to legally increase the amount of time spent with their children. Mediation allows parents to talk through the concerns of both parties in a safe, controlled environment. A visitation schedule can be modified through the court if an agreement is reached by both parents. Mediation is free for those who work through the Cass County Friend of the Court.

This is a grant-funded program with certain parameters for eligibility for free mediation services. The following types of cases meet the grant’s requirements:
– The non-custodial parent (NCP) has filed a Parenting Time complaint, requesting more time with the children;
– The NCP has been denied time with the children and is requesting make-up time equal to or greater than the original court order;
– The NCP does not have a written custody or visitation plan and wishes to create one that is enforceable by the court.

Increasing time with the NCP’s children must be the main focus of the mediation to qualify for this program. Cases seeking a decrease in time with children, grand-parenting time, or child welfare and termination of parental rights do not qualify for this program.