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Gives farmers and ranchers a confidential way to resolve disputes.

According to Jim Islieb of the Michigan State University Extension Service, “Operating a farm business brings farmer-operators into a number of important relationships with lenders, creditors, government agencies and regulators. Sometimes these relationships result in misunderstandings and problems that become real obstacles to success.” The USDA Mediation Program gives farmers and ranchers a confidential way to resolve disputes involving farm loans, conservation programs, wetland determinations, rural water loan programs, grazing on national forest system lands, pesticides, and other issues determined by the Secretary of Agriculture. Mediation services can include counseling and financial analysis to prepare parties for the mediation session.

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– The CMS Board of Directors reserves the right to change fees at any time.
– The Executive Director reserves the right to adjust fees under special circumstances. Any such change will be documented in the CMS data base as well as the case file.

  • Effective March 20, 2018