This portal is a good place to hang out when you are looking for information about mediating for CMS or events that are coming up. You can find mediation forms here as well as news of upcoming events. This portal is password protected so that only volunteers can access the information. The login should be the first letter of your first name followed by your last name, all one word. The password is the same for everyone. For now it is 6789GreatMediators.

Some of the mediation forms are simply PDFs that can be downloaded and printed to hand-write on. Others are Word Docs that can be filled in on a laptop. Capturing elements of an agreement as they occur can save you (and your clients) a lot of time. The ADR clerk at your site (or Lisa in St. Joe) can give you an email address to send the completed agreement to for printing. If you choose to use technology to increase your efficiency, please remember to delete any and all notes or agreements from your personal devices


Mediation Satisfaction Survey
Demographic Intake Form | PDF | Word Doc
Consent to Mediate | PDF | Word Doc
Medication Status Report – 3B St Joseph County | PDF | Word Doc
Medication Status Report – 4th District | PDF | Word Doc
Medication Status Report – 5th Howard | PDF | Word Doc
Medication Status Report – 5th Wiley | PDF | Word Doc
Medication Status Report – 7A Paw Paw | PDF | Word Doc
Medication Status Report – 7B South Haven | PDF | Word Doc
Civil Judgement Form | PDF
Agreement Form | PDF | Word Doc
Participant Evaluation – CMS
Participant Evaluation – Special Education
Mediator Summary Report
Domestic Violence Screening Form
Incident Report Form
Moore’s 12 Opening Statement Suggestions
Guidelines for Child Protection Mediation