Iwanted to start this blog by talking about why a mediation Center like CMS makes a difference in your community. At a time when turmoil seems everywhere in our country, mediation centers are busy relentlessly seeking peace.

Our volunteer mediators model civility in their communications with clients. They are not afraid of strong emotions. Yet they enforce ground rules that produce a reasoned, even-toned discussion that often results in better outcomes than shouting or blaming ever could. Our volunteer mediators promote self-determination. They know agreements born of good faith negotiating between the parties are far more likely to hold up over time than decisions imposed on them from someone “in authority.” Volunteer mediators give structure to the problem-solving process, a gift the parties will take with them and use to counter conflict countless times on their own in the future.

There are two volunteer training sessions coming up quickly if you’d like to become a peacemaker/mediator yourself. Civil Mediation Training begins on October 9 in Paw Paw, MI. Domestic mediation begins on November 1 in Saint Joseph. See the training section of this website for more information.
Conflict is inevitable. Peace is elusive. We are thankful for the opportunity to help hundreds of our residents find their way through difficult spaces. That’s why Citizens Mediation Service is an important part of southwest Michigan. A place that teaches peace through mediation. A place to learn empathy for the trials of our neighbors. A place worth sustaining and supporting with your time and your treasure.

I’m so glad you stopped by to learn about CMS and the mediation services we provide. Don’t be a stranger!

Warm wishes to you,